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Your first steps at using Bragona Server would be:

Set up

1. Activate the Product

After downloading and installing the Software, please enter the activation code to start the setup.

2. Setting up the Server

Enter the needed information and choose the fitting options in the following in the Server Settings window:

The Data Connections tab is used to configure aspects of cache and initial-SQL-statement usage that applies to complete data connections.

The views published to Bragona Server are very interactive and often have a live connection to a database. As users interact with the views in a web browser, the queried data gets stored in e. Subsequently, the visits will pull the data from this cache if feasible.

To configure caching

Select the tab called Data Connections in the Bragona Server Configuration dialogue box.

Then you can select from one of the following options;

Refresh Less Often – Select this option when data is not changing frequently. Data is cached and reused whenever it is available regardless of the time of its addition to the cache. This option minimises the queries sent to the database and enhances the performance.

Balanced – Data is removed from the cache after a specified time. If the data is added to the cache within the specified time range, the cached data will be used, otherwise, new data will be queried from the database.

Refresh More Often – The database is queried each time the page is loaded. The data is still cached and will be reused until the page is reloaded by the user. This option will ensure users see the most updated data. However, it may decrease performance.

3. Go

After completing the configuration, set up the Bragona Server to run on multiple computers. This is also known as distributed installation or cluster. This increases the scalability of your Bragona Server environment.

Here! It’s that simple! However, if you’d like to learn more, get into the specifics and explore the full potential of our Software opportunities, we highly recommend you to check out our amazing courses. They were designed for different levels and goals, so you can find what fits you the most.

If you have any specific question concerning our software, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team, we’re always here to help you!

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