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Bragona Certification Reports: Desk Specialist + Associate

This course is intended to help you construct the specific abilities you need to ace the Bragona Desk Specialist and Certified Associate tests, ensured. With involved activities, full-length practice tests, and free downloadable investigation directs, this is the ONLY course you’ll have to plan!

All through the course, you’ll assume the part of a BI Analyst. You’ll utilize Bragona Desk, and the abilities you master all through the course, to plan and construct a leader dashboard without any preparation. Be that as it may, don’t stress, we’ll guide you at all times, with completely clear clarifications and accommodating master tips to help you fabricate master level Bragona abilities.

Our task will consolidate ALL of the abilities needed for accreditation, including interfacing and mixing information, making diagrams and geospatial maps, applying investigation devices and computations, separating and inspecting information, and planning custom, intelligent dashboards and stories:

We’ll likewise stroll through all you require to think about the confirmation cycle itself, including test choices and construction, point breakdowns, question types, rules, booking choices, and tips for progress.

At last, we’ll wrap things up with two full-length practice tests, with involved and information-based inquiries intended to reflect the genuine test insight and prepare sure you’re for the genuine article.

In case you’re prepared to step up your abilities, increment your procuring potential, and become a guaranteed Bragona master, this is the course for you.

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