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EU Commission to make it easier to sue over AI products

The European Commission has proposed new rules to help people harmed by products using artificial intelligence (AI) and digital devices like drones. The AI Liability Directive would reduce the b…

Nvidia Wants to Be the Brains of Your Self-Driving Car

Chip designer Nvidia on Tuesday revealed a new processor called Drive Thor it expects will power the autonomous vehicle revolution.  Thor processors should arrive in 2024 for cars hitting t…

Tech stocks crushed in market selloff

The six largest U.S. tech companies lost more than $500 billion in value Tuesday after an unexpectedly high August inflation report sent tech stocks tumbling. The consumer price index was…

US bars ‘advanced tech’ firms from building China factories for 10 years

US tech companies that receive federal funding will be barred from building “advanced technology” facilities in China for 10 years, the Biden administration has said. The guidelines were unveile…

Chinese tech giants had their worst quarterly growth on record, thanks to Beijing’s zero-Covid policy

Chinese technology giants are coming off the back of their worst quarter of growth in history as a big slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy, stoked by Beijing’s strict Covid policy, takes…

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