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Bragona Server

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This BI App allows you to organize, edit, share, and collaborate on Bragona Scalabby dashboards. Here you can store data on your chosen cloud storage or your own on-premises server.

Responsibly provided data to people

Spread your data across your organization with Bragona Server. Empower your business to explore data in a trusted environment without constraints. Rest assured that your data was safe and accurate. IT organizations choose Bragona for its ease of deployment, seamless integration, ease of scalability, and excellent data security. You no longer have to choose between the power and security of your data – with Bragona, you can finally get both

Make requests using natural language

Bragona Server presents the opportunity to write queries from any published data source in a natural language. Using this feature you can just enter a question and get the answer already in a processed and visualised format. At its core there is a powerful algorithm to automatically profile, index, and optimize all data sources.

Trust Us with the Safety of your Data

Safety is always one of the most important aspects, when it comes to Data. All of the Bragona Server integrations are carried out in a seamless way using your existing security protocols. With this App you’re fully in charge of authentication processes, connection permissions and filtering.

Get the best out of AI Technologies

Take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence that can help you comprehend data within just a few clicks. Our development teams implemented advanced statistical models for more effective and qualitative Data exploration.

Optimise your management

Easy management without any compromises. This feature provides you with centralized management of all your metadata. All of your users will have access to the shared data sources. Optimise your workflow with the right combination of agility and control.

All types of Data

We provide a secure connection to all your data sources whether they’re based locally or in the cloud. You can publish and share them as live connections or encrypted checkouts for everyone to use. Work with the most popular enterprise data sources such as Cloudera Hadoop, Oracle, AWS Redshift, cubes, Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server and more. To access hundreds of other data sources you can use the web data connector and API.

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Please note that the package deal prices below are active only after the finishing of the 1st step: full implementation and training process. The price of the first step of integration is calculated individually and depends on your requirements, needs, and the complexities of implementation.



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