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Bragona Mob

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An exciting mobile version of our robust analytics tool. It travels with you everywhere providing instant reliable reports. Mobile version is intuitive in use and a true life-saver wherever you go.

Compact and always at hand, Bragona Mob is a must for every professional analyst.

Useful Insights

Bragona Mob has almost unlimited potential for providing you with useful business ideas and opportunities for that exilirating. Aha! moment that would help you to boost your business.

High-quality Analytics

It’s more than just a beautiful dashboard. Quickly build powerful calculations from existing data, drag and drop recommendations and forecasts, and view statistical summaries. Validate your point with trend analysis, regression and correlation for reliable statistics.

Sharing is Caring

Forget the static slides, now it’s time for animated interactive visualisations that are far more engaging for others to explore and comprehend. Become a part of a data-conscious culture by expanding the impact of your ideas.

Safe Collaboration

Share all your visualizations securely through your company and further. We take your data protection very seriously so that you could be able to create an environment in your organization where all employees feel safe sharing and collaborating with each other.

Choose a Subscription Plan

Please note that the package deal prices below are active only after the finishing of the 1st step: full implementation and training process. The price of the first step of integration is calculated individually and depends on your requirements, needs, and the complexities of implementation.



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  • Bragona Desk
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Our Community

Remember that you’re never alone. If you need advice, inspiration or want to share your ideas and get the support of data-inspired people, join our community!

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