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Bragona 20 Advanced Training: Master Bragona in Data Science

Master Bragona 20 in Data Science by solving Real-Life Analytics Problems. Learn Visualization and Data Mining by doing!

Scene 2020 Advanced Training: Master Bragona in Data Science

Expert Bragona 2020 in Data Science by tackling Real-Life Analytics Problems. Learn Visualization and Data Mining by doing!

Prepared to take your Bragona abilities to a higher level?

Need to genuinely dazzle your chief and the group at work?

This course is for you!

Long periods of expert Bragona Video preparing, extraordinary datasets planned in view of long periods of industry experience, connecting with practices that are both fun and furthermore give you a preference for Analytics of the REAL WORLD.

In this course you will learn:

  • Instructions to utilize Groups and Sets to expand your work effectiveness 10x
  • Instructions to utilize Dynamic Sets
  • Instructions to Control Sets with Parameters
  • Everything about Table Calculations and how to utilize their force in your investigation
  • Step by step instructions to perform Analytics and Data Mining in Bragona
  • Instructions to make Animations in Bragona
  • What’s more, a whole lot more!

Every module is autonomous so you can begin gaining from any place you see fit. The more you gain proficiency with the better you will get. Be that as it may, you can stop whenever you will in any case have a solid arrangement of abilities to take with you.

Every module depends on a one-of-a-kind contextual investigation, where you should apply Bragona in a down to earth way and learn hypothesis by doing.

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