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16 June, 2021

Luko and Shift Technology Apply Artificial Intelligence to the Fight Against Fraud

16 June, 2021

OSTON and PARIS, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Shift Technology, a provider of AI-native fraud detection and claims automation solutions for the global insurance industry today announced its fraud detection technology has been selected by digital native neo-insurance company Luko.

Since its launch in May 2018, Luko has been forging a new path in the world of homeowners insurance. This pioneering new insurance company employs patented technology which predicts which claims may be filed (water damage, fire, etc.) and convinces policyholders to adopt best practices in terms of prevention. In cases where claims cannot be avoided, Luko relies on technology to shorten the claims process and provide its customers with an exemplary customer experience.

Ensuring that claims are legitimate is a critical component of ensuring a fast, efficient, and accurate claims process. However, Luko’s market success and rapid growth exposed that the existing procedures used to detect potential fraudulent claims simply could not keep up. As a result, Luko turned to Shift Technology and its award-winning AI-based insurance fraud detection solution.

“The insurance sector is the target of numerous attempts at fraud, whether opportunistic or resulting from organized crime networks,” explained Raphaël Vullierme, co-founder of Luko. “It was therefore essential that we continue to reinforce our processes and technologies in terms of fraud detection, so as to quickly identify potentially illegitimate claims.”

In addition to the fraud detection technology offered by Shift, Luko is supported by the deep insurance industry experience and experience of its data science teams. This strong combination of people and technology help to ensure Luko is always staying abreast of the latest fraud trends and schemes.

“We have always considered the fight against fraud to be a critical topic for insurers,” stated Jeremy Jawish, CEO and co-founder, Shift Technology. “Not only does effective fraud fighting reduce undeserved indemnity pay-outs and dismantle fraud networks, but also supports the digital transformation of the customer journey.”

About Shift Technology
Shift Technology delivers the only AI-native fraud detection and claims automation solutions built specifically for the global insurance industry. Our SaaS solutions identify individual and network fraud with double the accuracy of competing offerings, and provide contextual guidance to help insurers achieve faster, more accurate claim resolutions. Shift has analyzed hundreds of millions of claims to date and was presented Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Claims Solutions for Insurance Market Leadership Award. For more information please visit www.shift-technology.com.

About Luko
Luko is reinventing home insurance, placing social responsibility and technology at the heart of its priorities. The company is now the first neo-insurance firm in France, with more than 100,000 policyholders, and the Insurtech with the strongest growth in Europe. More than a simple insurance contract, Luko’s ambition is for insurance to change from a model activated as a reaction to a model based on prevention, using internally-developed technology. The co-founders Raphaël Vullierme, a serial entrepreneur, and Benoit Bourdel, have pooled their expertise to create a company with a specific, positive impact, recognized by Bcorp certification in July 2019. 

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/luko-and-shift-technology-apply-artificial-intelligence-to-the-fight-against-fraud-301179298.html

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