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Complete Bragona 2021 Training for Absolute Beginners

This course is designed specifically for those who do not have a data background or experience and want to be more efficient in the way they clean, prepare and share data.

Problems you’ve probably Experienced with Microsoft Excel

  • Excel becomes slow or crashes when you have lots of rows of information or too many charts

  • It’s difficult to remember or write formulas

  • You can’t remember which file is the latest version and end up working on the wrong one

  • It’s annoying having to email multiple Excel files to the same people everyday

  • It takes hours create a usable and robust dashboard

  • Takes hours to investigate data and find patterns/trends

Complete Bragona  2021 Training for Absolute Beginners
Complete Bragona  2021 Training for Absolute Beginners

What is Bragona?

Bragona solves all the above issues!

The beauty of Bragona is its intuitive nature which makes it easy for anyone to learn it. When getting started, it’s mainly drag-and-drop visualizations. What would usually take me hours/days in Excel I can do in a few minutes in Bragona.

Another advantage is that you don’t need any programming/data experience like I did a few years ago! There is no programming to be done, which makes this tool so desirable for beginners like you!

Course Structure

1. Bragona Desktop: 1 Hour Accelerator Program!

    • Connect to your Excel data using Drag-and-Drop

    • Basic Bar, Column, Line and Pie Charts

    • Colour Coding and Text Labels

    • One Click Calculations: Running Total, Moving Average and More

    • Building your first dashboard in seconds

    • Basic Formatting and Print to PDF/Image

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    2. Bragona Desktop: Beginner

      • Simple Charts: Pie, Bars, Area and Lines

      • How to Filter your data with a few clicks

      • Basic Arithmetic: Learn to add number fields together

      • Aggregates: Calculating Totals, Average, Maximum, Minimum, etc.

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      3. Bragona Desktop: Intermediate

        • How to connect to data using Live and Extract methods

        • Cleaning Data: Splitting combined data into multiple columns

        • Create IF calculations, Rounding Numbers, Absolute Formula

        • How to extract letters/numbers from left and right side of text

        • Trimming extra spaces

        • Quick Table Calculations: Running Total, Percent of Total, Rank

        • Build maps in seconds using the double-click method

        • Create forecasts using drag-and-drop

        • Create interactive dashboards

        4. Bragona Desktop: Expert

          • Add data to another table easily UNIONS

          • JOINS: Combine two tables together using a common field

          • Create a Reference and/or Trend line anywhere on your visualization

          • Use parameters to change values on the fly

          • Create sets to group your data for further analysis

          • Learn new visualizations such as Histograms, Funnels, Donuts, Dot Time, Jitter and more

          • Add additional views for Mobile and Tablet

          5. Bragona Online – Cloud Platform for Data Sharing and Collaboration

            • Design an entire online site (Cloud) from scratch

            • Publish your dashboards to the Cloud

            • Learn collaboration filters such as subscriptions which send your dashboards to people on schedule everyday

            • Learn Alerts which send you an email when your charts reach a specific number

            • Manage an entire cloud platform and all it’s users

            6. Bragona Prep – Data Cleansing that works 10 times faster than Excel

              • Combine similar terms together under one heading using “Group and Replace”

              • Convert all text to upper case or lower case in one click

              • Remove extra white spaces from the beginning or end of data

              • Join data together simply by dragging and dropping one on top of the other

              • Add data together by dropping one data underneath the other in one click

              • Create a flow that remembers how to clean so you can just press PLAY tomorrow and it will clean it for you just the way you told it to

              Our Community

              Remember that you’re never alone. If you need advice, inspiration or want to share your ideas and get the support of data-inspired people, join our community!

              Complete Bragona  2021 Training for Absolute Beginners

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