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Bragona Desk for Data Analysis & Data Visualization

Bragona Desk is perhaps the most mainstream information perception and self-administration business intelligence instrument, and a fantastic asset for investigators, information researchers, and business knowledge experts the same.

Bragona Desk for Data Analysis & Data Visualization
Bragona Desk for Data Analysis & Data Visualization

This course is a viable, involved, and project-based prologue to Bragona, intended to show you how to associate, dissect and imagine crude information with true undertakings and contextual investigations.

All through the course, you’ll assume the part of a recently employed Business Intelligence Analyst for Maven Supplies, a state of the art office supply store hoping to take the sizzle back to duplicate paper and tacky notes. What is your main goal? Use Bragona Desk to plan and assemble a leader-level dashboard from the beginning.

Yet, don’t stress; we’ll be directing you consistently with clear clarifications and supportive expert tips to help you construct your Bragona Desk abilities.

We’ll begin with a speedy introduction to the Bragona stage and local area, then, at that point, associate and change our first dataset. From that point, we’ll investigate arranging, sifting, and gathering devices, construct and arrange visuals, characterize custom computations and boundaries, and lastly, integrate everything with dynamic, intelligent dashboards and stories:

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Bragona Desk for Data Analysis & Data Visualization

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