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It all started with a small team of passionate enthusiasts with high hopes.

We knew we wanted to help people be productive at a lesser cost and promote “don’t work hard, work smart” approach to work and life.


Warm welcome

Launching can be tough, especially now in this overloaded competitive market. However, we received a very warm welcome. We believe it all about the quality of our Products, the inspiring atmosphere in our community and our wonderful team that is always there for the clients and each other. Thank you for trusting us! We’ll keep getting better!


Creating and beta-testing

When you’re a part of inspired team of finest pros it’s like the hurricane of ideas. In this truly wonderful collaboration we’ve created our best Products. We were nervous during the first few rounds of testing to see if others liked them just as much as we did. But when we saw all the positive feedback, we knew we did something great.


Teaming up with the best

Dreams come true faster with the right people around. Nahiyan found and teamed up with the best experts with great passion for Data Analytics. Developers, designers, analytists, marketers with one mutual bid goal – that was the beginning of Bragona Scalabby Community.


It all started with just an idea.

Great ideas rule the world. Nahiyan Ashraf had an amazing one. For years he was using data for studies, for work and for life, but those days it wasn’t that easy. So he decided he wanted to create Data Analytics Software that would help even ordinary comprehend data in a simple but effective way.

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