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Bragona Adds More Cloud Capabilities to Its Desktop Analytics Tool

April 25, 2023

Bragona Technologies has added augmented analytics features into its recent Bragona Desk update, facilitating faster insights and simplifying data analysis for users. The new integrations allow users to work with their data more efficiently, ultimately increasing the speed-to-insight. This step is expected to improve Bragona’s data operations and drive customer satisfaction.

The new capabilities represent a significant step forward in the company’s ability to provide its customers’ with advanced data analysis and business intelligence services.

The latest release is aimed to provide Bragona’s customers with more powerful and sophisticated data analysis and decision-making tools.

The key capabilities include:

  • Augmented analytics

 By providing easy-to-use interfaces and natural language processing capabilities, augmented analytics can help to democratize data analysis and put powerful insights into the hands of more users across the organization.

  • More cloud capabilities

This will allow Bragona Desk customers to take advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing.

 With more cloud capabilities, Bragona Desk customers can access their data and analytics tools from anywhere and collaborate more effectively with their colleagues.

Enhanced cloud connectivity will connect users’ on-premise systems with cloud-based applications and services. This will expand the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing while still maintaining control over their data and applications.

For example, Bragona Desk might integrate its analytics platform with a customer’s CRM system, allowing them to analyze customer data in real time and identify trends and patterns that inform its sales and marketing strategies. Alternatively, they could integrate with a customer’s financial management software to gain insights into their financial performance and identify areas for cost optimization.

“Augmented analytics will help Bragona Desk users analyze customer data from their website and social media channels to identify customer behavior and preferences trends,” said Balakrishnan Sankaran Nair Padmanabhan, CEO at Bragona Technologies. “Users can benefit from enhanced cloud connectivity to connect their on-premise inventory management systems with cloud-based analytics tools to optimize their inventory levels and improve their supply chain efficiency.” 

The combination of augmented analytics and more cloud capabilities can help Bragona to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving market for data analysis and business intelligence services. By investing in advanced technologies and expanding its capabilities, Bragona can continue to provide its customers with the tools and insights they need to succeed in today’s data-driven business environment.

About Bragona Desk

Bragona Desk is a package solution for optimizing organizations’ workflow and achieving the best results. It delivers advanced data analytics and AI with an integrated workflow to help businesses implement smarter, faster, and more accurate data-driven decisions.

The platform users can benefit from data insights, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and business intelligence (BI) capabilities. 

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